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Odd and Ends: Regional Champs Edition

The real business is at hand.

  • If you go back and watch the very end of the regional final versus Oklahoma, you will notice when Roy Williams pulls the starters in favor of Patrick Moody and the boys, the Heels are obviously happy on the bench but very much acting like they have been here before.  There was no celebration on the bench and when the buzzer sounded the Heels all got up and shooks hands with the Oklahoma players.


    These guys are on a mission.  Yes, they celebrated with hats, shirts and cutting down the nets. Roy thinks you should celebrate any major title and this certainly counts. However, these guys have the proper focus and that is: "This was nice, but we still have business to take care of next week in Detroit."

  • Did the toe injury end up being a good thing? Ty Lawson thinks so according to what he told the Daily Tar Heel:

    “I think it’s the toe that actually helped me, because I don’t really go as fast. So I’ve got time to … make the right decision,” he said. “Maybe I don’t want my toe to get better.”

    Consider what Lawson is implying here.  He is basically saying that perhaps he was too fast to make the best decisions with the basketball.  Of course his A/TO ratio seems to indicate that prior to toe injury he made better decisions than practically everyone out there.  So if he is saying his decision making will be even better now is like saying instead of getting a 3.7 GPA this semester I am going to get a 3.9
  • Speaking of Lawson, he also had one of those moments similar to the time after the first Miami game in Chapel Hill when he said he decided "to pressure the ball" as though he received some epiphany from heaven.  After beating Oklahoma, Lawson uncorks another one via Luke Winn at

    But what makes them the overwhelming favorite in Detroit is that fact that, as point guard Ty Lawson said, "we're actually guarding people now."

    Yes. I am sure Roy Williams shakes his heard when he hears a player say something like this, but probably equally grateful that his team might actually be getting it at an opportune time.

  • For anyone wanting to see future Tar Heels John Henson, Dexter Strickland, David and Travis Wear in action, the McDonald's All-American Game will be on ESPN Wednesday, April 1st at 8 PM.
  • UNC is presently a six point favorite over Villanova and will play the 2nd national semifinal game at approximately 8:47 PM. In other words, CBS wants the ratings.