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Odds and Ends: Selection Sunday Edition

That was the last mulligan.

  • First and foremost, Ty Lawson believes he will be ready to by the start of the NCAA Tournament.  ACC Now reported that the toe was neither swollen or discolored following an ice treament after the game.  I'd say that bodes well for this coming Thursday when UNC is expected to start their tournament run in Greensboro.
  • Danny Green is in a slump.  That is all it is.  The prescription for Green is get into the gym and shoot to break out of it.  I also think this being Green's senior season he is not going to go quietly so come down off the ledge Caulton, Green will be back if for no other reason than preventing thousands of UNC fans from having debilitating flashbacks of Shammond Williams.
  • Roy Williams clearly decided the let it ride at the end of the game opting to not call a timeout to set a play to get the game tying three. Bobby Frasor said the set they ran would have likely been the same and in many respects Roy is just fine getting out of Atlanta without injuries.
  • UNC should be locked into a #1 seed.  There is some debate whether they would be the overall #1 seed.  I think Louisville might end there since they won both the Big East regular season and tournament titles. The Heels #1 seed resume is good.  UNC has lost four games by a total of 16 points including three point margins against Wake Forest, Maryland and Florida State.  The Heels four losses have also come against likely NCAA Tournament teams all in the top 60 of the RPI.  In other words there are no bad losses and what happened against Florida State can be discounted given Ty Lawson was out and UNC only lost by three.  And don't listen to the moronic school of thought out there that Duke will get a #1 seed even over UNC if they win the ACC Tournament.  UNC has two wins over Duke and Duke has five losses, including a 27 point loss on the road at Clemson and the loss at Michigan. The Blue Devils are a #2 at best.
  • The ACC should get seven teams into the NCAA Tournament. UNC, Wake Forest, Duke, FSU, Clemson, Boston College and Maryland.