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Oklahoma At A Glance

Tale of the tape if you will.

North Carolina Category Oklahoma
31-4 Records 30-5
4 Pomeroy Ranking 10
123.9(1) Offensive Eff. 119.0(4)
74.3(6) Tempo/Pace 68.1(97)
91.1(22) Defensive Eff. 92.1(38)
90.5 Points Per Game 79.2
72.4 PPG Allowed 67.4
48% Team FG% 49%
38% Team 3P% 36%
42.5 Rebs Per Game 39.2
18.4 Assists Per Game 14.6
12.6 TOs Per Game 13.8
8.6 Steals Per Game 6.9
5.4 Blocks Per Game 4.5
- Starters ORtg/PPG -
125.5/21.3 Hansbrough-B. Griffin 115.7/22.7
135.0/16.2 Lawson-Warren 117.9/14.7
109.6/10.7 Thompson-T. Griffin 113.3/9.8
124.0/15.8 Ellington-Crocker 102.4/9.8
120.4/13.2 Green-Johnson 115.7/8.8

UNC has a leg up in almost every statisitcal category. The Heels have the most efficient offense in the country and when it plays like it did versus Gonzaga it is scarier than the numbers indicate. Gonzaga, incidentally, had the 17th best defensive rating in the nation and basically had no answer for UNC. Oklahoma's defense is worse.

Still we are talking about two very good offenses and two decent defenses which means this game will really come down to which team's shooters show up. If UNC gets Lawson-Ellington-Green going 11-19 from three this will not be close. If those three struggle to shoot or Oklahoma has a hot game from the perimeter then Oklahoma could end up in Detroit. At any rate you are talking about two teams who played extremely well in the Sweet Sixteen going at it. It should be a great game.