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Stats and Records Check

Number crunching...yum.

  • On this fine, cold day in March UNC is presently #1 in the nation according to Pomeroy in offensive efficiency with an adjusted rating of 123.6.  The Heels are 19th in defensive efficiency at 90.4 adjusted.
  • UNC has four players in the top sixty in offensive rating:

    1. Ty Lawson: 135.3
    21. Tyler Hansbrough: 125.9
    29. Danny Green: 125.2
    54. Wayne Ellington: 121.9

    Deon Thompson is at 108.0 and Ed Davis is at 105.9

  • Tyler Hansbrough needs 92 more points to eclipse J.J. Redick for the ACC all-time scoring mark.  At his present average(21.3 ppg) Hansbrough needs five more games to break the record meaning it could come in the ACC Championship(should the Heels advance that far) or in the NCAA Tournament.  The worse case scenario is it takes until NCAA 2nd round game if the Heels lose in the ACC quarterfinals.
  • Hansbrough needs 38 rebounds to pass Sam Perkins as the all time leading rebounder at UNC.  Based on his present average of 7.8 rpg this season he would need five games to pass that mark as well.
  • Ty Lawson is on pace to finish with the 2nd highest season 3P% ever in UNC history. Lawson is shooting 49.4% from three point range which puts him ahead of Hubert Davis who is second at 48.9% in 1991 and 0.2% behind Dante Calabria who shot 49.6% in 1995 but still could not hit the broadside of a barn with a sawed off shotgun versus Arkansas in the Final Four, not that I am bitter or anything.
  • The UNC record for assist-to-turnover ratio in one season is 2.72 set by King Rice in 1991.  Lawson is on pace to shatter that mark assuming he gets to required minimum of 200 assists. Lawson should do that over the course of the next 3-4 games. Lawson's ATO is 3.37 this season and his career ATO is 2.76.
  • At present Danny Green has 144 blocked shots in his career at UNC.  This is not a record but it is interesting to note the company he is keeping:

    Brendan Haywood: 304
    Sam Perkins: 245
    Warren Martin: 190
    Kevin Salvadori: 174
    Eric Montross: 169
    Scott Williams: 161
    Rasheed Wallace: 156
    Brad Daughtery: 146
    Danny Green: 144
    Serge Zwikker: 132

    If I am not mistaken, all of the players on this last have at least three inches on Green and played primarily at power forward or center.  Odds are Green will pass Daughtery and possibly get past Wallace on this list.  That is impressive for a 6-6 player who plays at small forward.  Green makes a lot of hustle plays to get blocks as well as coming over on help defense.

  • The Heels are on pace to have five players averaging in double figures for the first time since 2005. UNC has had this happen five times so far: 2005, 1995, 1987, 1972 and 1959.