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The Toe Saga Continues

The Tar Heels had their media availability in Greensboro. Roy Williams had nothing new to offer except Lawson still must complete the Jedi trials before becoming a Jedi Knight or practice normally to get Roy's okay to play against LSU whichever comes first.

According to 850 the Buzz, Lawson will be put through a full practice this afternoon which means doing all the things he needs to do(i.e. cutting, playing defense) to prove he can play. At 11:30 tonight there will be a 2nd test which involves seeing how fast Lawson can run down to the local Baskin Robbins to pick up some Mint Chocolate Chip for the coaches is probably to see how the toe is after so many hours. Roy said if he does play, he will start.

Ty Lawson continues to maintain that he will play:

Any word if you will play against LSU?
"We haven’t talked at all about it. I’ve just been rehabbing. We really don’t have to talk about it to know that today’s practice is probably going to determine if I play tomorrow."

Do you think you will be less than 100 percent if you play tomorrow?

What will you try to do today that you haven’t been able to do up to this point?
"Put more pressure on it, cutting back and forth and those kinds of things."

Are you ready to get this behind you?
"Been ready. Once I got hurt, I was ready to get it behind me. I just want to get back to 100 percent."

Sounds just like a guy who is holding himself out because he is not tough.</sarcasm>