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THF ACC Awards

As voted by you the readers.

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THF Comments:

  • My ballot for All-ACC matches the top five here.  If you go down the line you can take the second five as the 2nd Team and the next five as the 3rd team which looks fairly reasonable.
  • Ty Lawson wins the ACC POY award among THF readers which is not shocking nor should it be since this is a blog full of Tar Heel fans.  Still it is not like the pick is unreasonable.
  • Sylven Landersberg, UVA squeezes out Al-Farouq Aminu for ACC ROY.  I think the media will tabbed Landersberg.
  • Clemson's Trevor Booker ends up winning the DPOY award. I think this is a tough award to vote for and often times it gets simplified with counting blocked shots or something of that nature.  Never is this award ever taking into account guys who actually play great defense i.e. someone like Marcus Ginyard would never win the award despite being a top notch defender.
  • And the COY award goes to FSU's Leonard Hamilton which is ironic on so many levels.  Hamilton is a poor coach.  This is not really in dispute.  The problem is the coach of the team that does better than expected usually gets the nod. Hamilton fits the mold though a case could be made for Al Skinner.  Some of you voted for Roy Williams which does not make sense.  UNC finished where they were supposed to and outside of dealing with the loss of Marcus Ginyard I am not sure I see anything Roy did as being earth moving in getting this team to the top of the ACC. And yes someone voted for Paul Hewitt.  I wish I were kidding.