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THF Tournament Pick'em Standings

Good thing I write better than I pick brackets. I am languishing away down in 33rd. Here is the top 10:

1. esheel: 53 points
2. wilfone: 52 points
2. TexasFan11: 52 points
2. MDTarHeel: 52 points
5. kcd23: 51 points
5. Dancin' with DG: 51 points
5. Go heels: 51 points
5. BronxTales Tar Heels: 51 points
9. Buddha's Bracket: 50 points
9. Evie's Heels: 50 points

It dawned on me that I should have asked folks to use their THF screen name so we could ridicule know who is who. Wifone and TexasFan 11 are in the best position since they have 15 of 16 in the Sweet Sixteen and the rest of the bracket beyond that intact. esheel has 14 of 16 in the regional semis and zero losses in the later rounds.

Full standings are here.