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It should be noted Roy Williams broke with his normal policy on timeouts and called one to stem a 13-3 run by LSU in the 2nd half. Probably more interesting than the timeout was what Roy said during it when he basically challenged the manhood of the seniors:

"Hey," he said. "If you guys want to end your careers tonight, keep playing like you're playing."

Needless to say it worked as did the fact Ty Lawson got extremely vocal following two made threes. Lawson, not known for showing emotions beat his chest with his fist and yelled at his teammates. That kind of outburst is exactly the kind of leadership the Heels need in the NCAA Tournament and coming from the guy playing on the bad toe, it carried a lot of weight.

Speaking of timeouts, I mentioned after the games on Thursday that LSU's Trent Johnson would call timeout then move out to near the lane and talk with his assistants before going into the huddle. He did the same thing versus UNC and during one timeout he stayed out there talking to his assistants for so long that by the time he sat down with the team the first horn signaling the end of the timeout sounded. At most Johnson got maybe 30 seconds with his team. Is it me or does that seem odd? In fact I wonder how much confidence you can have as a player in your coach when he does not seem ready to address the team when the timeout is called. I thought it was bizarre, especially leaving the team on the bench that long with no one on the coaching staff talking to them.