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Ty Lawson Will Be Ready

Roy Williams and Ty Lawson both met with the media today.

The bottom line: Lawson is expected to play on Friday against Gonzaga.

Roy said he was optimistic Lawson would play which coming from him without all sorts of conditions about "if he practices" or what not is pretty much a guarantee. Roy also said he did not think Lawson would be 100% the rest of the season. Lawson himself thinks he will be 100% by Friday. I think the truth is somewhere in between. Against LSU I think you could say Lawson was not 100% for the whole game but 100% when he needed to be. That will probably be the case here. Against LSU it seemed like he picked his spots. On Friday he may take the same approach though given the toe seems to be healing up, hopefully he can go full bore during the whole game.

As for the aftermath of the LSU game, the toe did not swell as badly as it did after the Duke game due to the use of compression pads and icing which happens around six or seven times a day. Lawson took shots in practice on Monday and will go through dummy drills to afford more rest. Lawson was also asked if any of the LSU players asked him about the toe. He says Bo Spencer did and Lawson was under the impression Spencer was trolling for a tactical advantage. Lawson told him it was fine and then decided to prove by nearly ripping Spencer's feet from his shoes on that left baseline crossover that gave the Heels a nine point lead.


Tyler Hansbrough thinks the Toe Saga was "ridiculous" and he was talking about the media asking him about it not Lawson or the actual injury. To paraphrase Hansbrough he basically said: "It is not my toe, I have no idea how it is doing. You go ask Ty about it and then you come ask me and I don't ask Ty about his toe because everyone else is asking him about it."

What Hansbrough may or may not realize is that folks like Jeff Goodman are running around asking Lawson's teammates about the toe hoping they get some kind of juicy comment, tilting of the head or inopportune sigh to validate the comment that "others in the Tar Heel program" think Lawson is being overly dramatic over the whole deal.