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UNC 79 VT 76

I'll take it.

Tyler Hansbrough put this team on his back and took advantage of the Hokies foul problems to score 28 points including a key basket to give UNC the lead. Hansbrough was also involved in the controversial call near the end that some thought was a foul but was instead called a jump ball that gave UNC the ball back up one with five seconds left. Hansbrough nailed the free throws and VT missed a last second three to tie the game.

It was a rough go of it without Ty Lawson. UNC looked out of sorts to begin the game but settled in when Wayne Ellington hit some threes. Bobby Frasor and Larry Drew combined for four points, seven assists, four rebs and only three turnovers taking turns at point guard. Not Ty Lawson but good enough to get by. Ed Davis came up with a huge game and look very comfortable on both ends on the way to 10 points and six rebounds. Tyler Zeller and Justin Watts had some nice moments to help things along. As did Deon Thompson who looked like a #1 offensive option for awhile. The only concern is Danny Green who shot poorly and seems to be off with his jumper. Hopefully that will be corrected.

UNC was able to survive and should have a #1 seed for the NCAA Tournament locked up. Florida State is next. Lawson is probably still out and at this point I think we are talking about gravy from here on out.