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UNC-Duke Game Thread

5:32 PM: 2nd TV timeout: UNC asserting control and opening a six point lead. They need to press it. Duke has gone cold.

This will be my last update. I am taking the kids to church and will listen to the rest of it in the car.


Previous updates below the jump.

4:54 PM: Halftime: Duke 39 UNC 38.  Both teams played extremely well.  It will be a matter of who keeps it going in the 2nd half.  UNC has not gotten much from Ellington and Green in terms of outside shooting which may not be an issue unless Duke decides to collapse and let them have the shots.  Conventional wisdom says Duke starts missing those threes.  Unfortunately UNC-Duke is not governed by that.

4:29 PM: 2nd TV timeout: UNC-23 Duke-20. I am not worried about the Duke threes because that is the only look they are getting and I don't think they can keep it up.  UNC on the other hand is getting a huge game from Hansbrough and interior scoring from Davis and Thompson.

4:17 PM: 1st TV timeout: UNC-9 Duke-5. Hansbrough just hit a three and was nodding his head smiling going back down the court.

4:15 PM: UNC 4 Duke 2.  Lawson looks normal

4:10 PM: All seniors out and refs tell him he can't so he pulls them off.

4:07 PM: CBS in Raleigh cutting over to UNC-Duke

3:53 PM: According to a friend who is also at the game, Lawson is out and warming up now.

3:00 PM: According to THF reader badbadleroybrown who is at the Dean Dome: Ty Lawson is on the floor and ready to go.  No sign of an injury.

The last two times UNC has played this game on Senior Day we had the ending in 2005 and The Foul in 2007.  Those will be hard to top in terms of excitement and controversy.  I for one would love to see something along the lines of the 1991 ACC Championship game.

Comments if you have them.