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UNC, Duke Opt To Skip ACC Shootaround

Not surprising given both do not play until Friday. Also, according to J.P. Giglio, they are using the "half arena" configuration instead of putting the court in the middle of the football field like they did in Detroit.

Roy Williams has long been a critic of open practices like this which requires teams to be somewhere at least a day early. In the NCAA Tournament they are required as is the media availability. Roy hates it because he says he cannot get an actual practice done and secondly if classes are going on it is missed class time for the players. UNC is on spring break this week so the latter is not a concern but the former still is from Roy's point of view.

Mike Krzyzewski said going down two days before the game is silly because it throws off the whole routine. I tend to agree with that. Why would you want your team hanging around in Atlanta all day Thursday waiting for a Friday game time? For Duke it is even a bigger deal since they do not play until 9 PM Friday night which will likely end up being 9:15 or 9:30. As for UNC, given the storm surrounding a certain big toe, Roy would like to avoid having to answer that question fifteen times in one day and can do so by staying in Chapel Hill one extra day, practicing Thursday morning then heading down to Georgia.

Wake Forest and Florida State have opted for the shootaround. It might not be a bad idea for either one of them since they are dealing with some players who have not been put in this position before and might do better having some extra time at the Georgia Dome. UNC and Duke players have been on the big stage so staying home makes more sense in that respect as well.