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DE: Ellington Likely To Declare

Hat tip to C.Michael who posted this in the comments. Draft Express says Wayne Ellington is likely out the door:

Wayne Ellington Appears Likely to Declare

Following up on our discussion from earlier this week, where we talked about the pros and cons of Wayne Ellington declaring, we had a number of well-connected sources reach out assuring us that it’s only a matter of time before the North Carolina junior puts his name in. "Wayne’s dad has been on an NBA draft fact finding mission for pretty much the entire season," one source told us. "I would be absolutely shocked if he didn’t declare" another said.

Apparently the holdup for both Ellington and Lawson revolves around the fact that they both no longer have the ability to test the waters after already having done so last season. In case of an emergency (an injury possibly) it makes little sense not to play it safe and wait until the deadline, which is what the two have reportedly been doing. Since many teams this year have decided to hold off on scheduling private workouts until after the NBA pre-draft camp in Chicago in late May, there might not be as much of a rush to start the process.

In other North Carolina related news, Tyler Hansbrough has officially signed with Jeff Schwartz of Excel Sports Blake Griffin. That means the two might get a chance to prepare for the draft together, in what would be a rematch of sorts of the NCAA tournament Elite Eight. Management, the same agency that represents

It makes sense to wait until the last minute since there is no option to return just in case you are playing your music too loud at the intersection of Columbia and Franklin garnering a little attention from CHPD. I also find it interesting that we have heard very little in terms of rumors. Maybe because it is assumed both are leaving. Maybe because the national title really makes us all more open to the idea. At any rate the message boards are quiet and I am going to assume that if they are looking to wait until the deadline then mark next Monday on your calendar for the press conference.

And Tyler Hansbrough has hired an agent, apparently the same one representing Blake Griffin. Nice haul for the agent getting the past two NPOYs as clients.