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Did Roy Williams Call John Wall?[UPDATED]

UPDATE: John Wall says UNC is not recruiting him. Wall said Roy did call just to "check in" and it was "nothing big.

Translation: Roy called to take Wall's temperature and see if he might want to pursue him. Since Wall is not taking his official visit at Miami until the 24th there is some time.

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Let's see.

First off we have this headline on's basketball recruiting page for a premium article:

PG John Wall: Final Four Coach Makes The Call

Then you have this thread on IC Premium:


Followed that with this thread on IC's free basketball board which said Bomani Jones during his radio program on 620 AM indicated there was "contact and mutual interest"

That is quite a twist in the recruitment of Wall who is the #1 high school point guard in the class and a for sure a one and done player.  Could it be that Roy is thinking about using him as a one year bridge and then start Larry Drew as a junior?

Stay tuned....