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Draft Rumors[UPDATED]

Update: The Fifth Corner has a full rundown of current mock drafts as it relates to UNC players.

Here is what Draft Express is saying right now:

Ed Davis came out immediately after the national championship game and said that he’s returning for his sophomore season. According to sources, it seems like that statement may have been somewhat premature, as they often are in such an emotional moment. Reports we’ve gotten indicate that Davis still has to meet with various people involved in the decision making process, and that if it appears that he is likely to be selected in the lottery, he could very well leave North Carolina. Davis’ body of work is about as small as any prospect in this draft, but he would clearly benefit from how few quality big men there appear to be this year, particularly with Greg Monroe and Cole Aldrich likely returning to school. He’d likely be drafted fairly high based on his physical tools alone, but he looks years away at this point from contributing. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.


Ty Lawson, Junior, North Carolina- Nothing official yet, but is considered to be 100% in the draft after withdrawing at the last minute last year and elevating his stock considerably with a national championship run.


Wayne Ellington, Junior, North Carolina- Nothing official yet, but numerous sources indicate his camp is already in the process of interviewing agents, and is highly likely to be in when it’s all said and done. Was already in the draft last year, so cannot test the waters at this point.

Lawson and Ellington are no surprise. They have done their bit for king and country plus they looked plenty ready to me over the past month. Where Ed Davis is concerned I would love to see him for one more season. I understand the lure of jumping if the stock is there plus he has won a national title. That being said he is nowhere near as ready as even Brandan Wright was much less Marvin Williams. Davis could use some more polishing on the offensive end and stand to put on some more weight. I will not begrudge Davis for leaving if the stock is high enough but I think he stands to go higher by coming back one more season.