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Ellington, Lawson To Hold 2:30 Press Conference

At UNC press conference means the players in question are entering the NBA Draft.

This is not a surprise. There was some conjecture in the last couple of weeks based on the mock drafts as to whether Wayne Ellington would take the Nestea plunge. Obviously the information he received from Roy Williams was enough of an assurance to go ahead and enter the draft. And quite frankly Ellington stock is sky high right now which is not to say he could not do better with another season but given the weakness of this draft and the fact he is a Final Four MOP right now, it make sense for him to leave.

Everyone assumed Ty Lawson was leaving one way or the other. His performance over most of the season and especially in the NCAA Tournament made him a mortal lock to go to the NBA. Lawson proved he can play every facet of the game and answer concerns about his toughness playing through the toe injury he suffered just prior to the regular season finale.