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Final Thoughts

It is awfully quiet out there. I guess everyone is so amped up for the big game it has created a lull.

Here are some final musings from me.

  • Let me say upfront I have a gut feeling they will win. In fact I usually straddle a line in games like this between believing they will win and thinking they could lose. With this one I believe and think they will. Granted that is not based on anything basketball related simply a instinctive feeling that at the end of the night UNC will bag it's fifth NCAA title.
  • That being said, if I had to list something that worried me it would be a cold shooting night from the three perimeter shooters along with a hot shooting night from MSU. Wayne Ellington and Danny Green need to keep hitting three pointers like they did on Saturday night.
  • Concerning the issues UNC had against Villanova. The free throw shooting should be better. The Heels shot badly versus Gonzaga from the FT line then missed only one versus Oklahoma. Hopefully that trend continues.
  • The rebounding on the defensive end needs to be better. If UNC shoots well, the offensive rebounding will not be nearly as important but stopping Michigan St. from picking up 2nd chance points will be crucial.
  • MSU has shown the ability to force turnovers and get steals. Ty Lawson needs to get back to zero turnover basketball and not four like he had versus Villanova.
  • In my opinion Tyler Hansbrough has had a quiet tournament. The Gonzaga game was huge for him but in the other matchups he produced but not in a way that knocked your socks off. This will be his last game as a Tar Heel, on the biggest stage with the highest stakes. I think the chances are good we see a huge performance from him. If Hansbrough goes for 25 with Lawson, Ellington and Green doing what they have been doing, UNC will dominate the game.
  • If the Heels show up, they have the talent advantage to win. I am confident in this team. I think this will be their crowning moment of winning the title after 3-4 years of hard work, adversity and crushing NCAA losses. Time for these guys to win the big one.