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Giglio: Three Reasons Why UNC Will Beat Villanova

To sum up: experience, Tyler Hansbrough unleashed and it's just like playing Duke.

I think the experience factor will be crucial as Giglio points out:

There's a big difference between just being happy to be there, which was the case last year, and trying to win the whole thing.

Also, UNC has already played at Ford Field, and had a successful experience there.

Last year, UNC went from Charlotte (ACC Tournament) to Raleigh (opening rounds) to Charlotte (regional) to the huge stage at the Alamadome and didn't handle the change in scenery.

This UNC team has a huge win at Ford Field, plus the experience of the ACC Tournament at a dome. Every extra bit of confidence for the UNC shooters helps.

Villanova, conversely, played on their home floor in the first round and in a garden-variety NBA building in the regionals. The adjustment to the dome setting will be a jolt, especially for the shooters, to Villanova.

When you are showing up focused on the goal and not on the experience or the surroundings, the team should play better.  Obviously it did not help UCLA three straight season but in this case I think it will. In 1993, you could tell by the look on George Lynch's face that UNC was there to win a title.  Based on what the players have been saying I am anticipating the same kind of attitude from the Heels this time around.

Tyler Hansbrough is generally a beast after a low scoring game and since he will be facing a team with limited interior threats I expect to see vintage Hansbrough.  On top of that I think Hansbrough is going to be six kinds of motivated for this.  Since this is a team similar to Duke, Ty Lawson will be key.  Then again Lawson is always key.