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John Henson Is Awesome did a round table at the Jordan Classic which included future Tar Heel John Henson, Duke signee Ryan Kelly, presently undecided Xavier Henry and UConn signee Alex Oriakhi. Henson has quite a few gems including multiple jabs at Kelly playing up the Duke-UNC rivalry.

Here are some excerpts:

Who was the best recruiter on an in-home visit?

Kelly: I had Duke, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Wake Forest. Maybe even more. All pretty similar. Ate dinner then showed me film of players they feel I'd be similar to. I play the double bass in the school orchestra, and one coach got from my teacher a copy of the music that we were playing in a concert so they played it as the background music.

Henson: I'm gonna tell all the Carolina kids that you play bass. I bet it was Coach K who did the music.

Kelly: That's OK. Everyone knows it back home. I'm not saying the coach.

Henson: Chapel Hill's really gonna know now. Was it Wake Forest who played the music?

Kelly: I'm not saying.

Henson: Actually, the music sounds like a Georgetown joint.


What was your reaction to Brandon Jennings going to Europe last year? Did you consider it?

Henry: I was surprised he was really going overseas. I heard stuff about his test and why he had to go overseas.

Henson: I wasn't surprised because I heard he was talking about it for a while. I thought it was kinda crazy. He didn't pass the SAT, so he couldn't play college, right? Well, I guess that's the only option unless you go JUCO. He did what he had to do.

Kelly: Good for him. He's pretty confident he would be an NBA player. He felt going overseas would be best way to go there. I don't know if it would be an option I'd look at. Personally I'd want to get somewhat of an education.

Henson: True that. That's a very Duke-like answer.

Henson also loved Steve Robinson and said one school sent him 250 one day.  Henson sounds like he might be another Danny Green with the way he talks to the media.