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McDonald, Henson Impress at Hoops Summit

Future Tar Heels play well.


John Henson -- 10 pts, 5-9 fg, 9 reb, 2 blk, 17 min -- Henson was the leading rebounder for the USA squad with 9, despite playing just 22 minutes. He definitely should have been in the game in the final 3 minutes instead of Sidney who was absolutely useless.

Henson has a long ways to go but shows a great deal of upside. But at his current weight, he has no NBA position.

He's incredibly long and athletic and shows an excellent skill set with the ability to score around the basket as well as knock down midrange jumpers. But he still must develop a much nastier on court demeanor. He needs around 30-35 pounds and a mean streak. He shows some ability to create for himself, but nothing that would indicate that he can play on the perimeter at the NBA level.

Regardless, with such immense potential, he appears to be a likely future lotto pick. However, he more than anyone would benefit from 2-3 years in college to allow his body to develop and to improve his skill level.

He's a better shooting version of Brandon Wright, but even skinnier, and without quite the length.


Leslie McDonald -- 8 pts, 4-10 fg, 2 reb, 19 min -- Looked extremely impressive in the practice hanging out with his UNC buddy Henson. His athleticism is above average and he's got a very strong body which should allow him to overcome his lack of optimum size at 6-4.

McDonald shows the ability to get to rim and finish as he has a quick first step and good touch and body control around the basket.

Although Dexter Strickland is a more highly rated recruit, McDonald appears to have more long term potential. No question, McDonald is small for the 2g position at the NBA level but has a great body and explosiveness. He should be an excellent 3-4 year player at North Carolina.

I was surprised to see John Henson being mentioned as a potential 2-3 three year player when the assumption is he will be one and done.  Then again, the five slices of pepperoni I had for lunch had more fat in them than Henson has on his whole body. I think the lesson of Brandan Wright might start to have an impact and I am willing to bet it factored into Ed Davis' decision.  With Henson it is much the same issue. Why build your body in the NBA when you can do it in college?

The other surprise is that McDonald is starting to get more attention than Dexter Strickland.  McDonald was not named to the McDonald's All American game whereas Strickland was.  It will be interesting to see if McDonald ends up being a more productive all around player than Strickland.