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More Heels Taken On NFL Draft's 2nd Day

WR Brandon Tate in the 3rd round to New England(83rd overall)
OT Garrett Reynolds in the 5th round to Atlanta(156th overall)
WR Brooks Foster in the 5th round to St. Louis(160th overall)

Tate will probably find playing time immediately as a return man, assuming he kicks that little habit he tested positive for during the draft combine. Of course it would help if he did not hang out with Randy Moss in that respect. Reynolds and Foster rounded a five Tar Heel draft. Safety Trimane Goddard was hoping to be drafted but it did not pan out.

It should be noted none of these players were recruited by Butch Davis and the personnel Davis is bringing in has been rated fairly high coming out of high school. In some respects, Davis and his staff gets some credit for helping these players develop. That was certain the case with Kentwan Balmer last season. Having the North Carolina name show up frequently on the draft board undoubtedly gives a small bump to recruiting.