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National Championship: UNC-MSU Game Thread

Halftime: UNC 55 MSU 34

Most points ever in the first half of a title game and the largest halftime deficit. This game is not over but the Heels would have to royally screw up at this point to blow it. The Heels have done everything right on both ends. Keep it rolling.

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I would love to know the odds of two teams playing at the Final Four site in December who also end up back there playing for the national title four months later.  I imagine they would be pretty long, yet here we are.

As I said, for the core of this UNC team, playing in this game has been four years in the making.  From the moment the high school class of 2006 stepped on campus to join forces with the 2005 class, everyone assumed this day would come.  Now they are here and only need to play forty minutes of strong, Carolina basketball to be the national champions.

Let's get it on.