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NBA Decisions Still Forthcoming

Of course because, believe it or not, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington and Ed Davis did not spend the final TV timeout figuring out what they wanted to do next. I have no idea why reporters even ask the question. For the record here is the response:

"I have no idea,’’ said Williams, one of only 13 coaches to win multiple titles. "We haven’t talked about it one second. The thing I’m most proud of is those kids, when they decided to come back, I told them, ‘it’s got to be my way. It’s not going to be about you, it’s not going to be about getting you 30 shots. If that’s what you think you’re going to try to do, to show the NBA, it’s not going to work.’

" … The fact of the matter is, not one day did those guys show or imply or make me think they were thinking about anything but this team. And that’s just such a credit to the character of those kids. Because it was always about North Carolina basketball."

Winning a national title though, will likely help their potential draft stock.

"Ty improved his status … greatly,’’ Williams said. "Danny [Green, a senior] and Wayne probably did so as well. Tyler Hansbrough probably just solidified that everyone’s going to say, ‘Yeah, he’s going ot be a solid pro for a long time."

One of the things I will love most about this team is the constant proving people wrong. In this case, the three returning players did what their coach told them to do and not once looked like they were thinking about the next level.

Oh and Jeff Goodman is still selling that "I was wrong but I was not the only one!" garbage. Way to man up there Jeff. Seriously, I think Lawson's Toe should get a ring and Goodman be forced to put it on at center court in the Dean Dome when Lawson returns to have his jersey honored.