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Odds And Ends: Best. Week. Ever Edition

  • Future Tar Heels, John Henson and Leslie McDonald are playing in Portland, OR this weekend at the NIKE Hoop Summit. USA Basketball has interviews with both. Henson called the decision to commit to UNC a "no brainer" since the Heels were well ahead of the other programs. McDonald said UNC fits his style of play. You know who else is at the Hoop Summit? John Wall. Any chance these two are in Wall's ear a little bit? You know: "Hey John, come with us to Chapel Hill, let's take them to a repeat title."
  • A new UNC blog, On the Heels, posted the "could be" roster for next season should the impossible happen in the form of Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington returning. It ain't going to happen but feel free to click on over there and have a nice moment dreaming about it.
  • Roy Williams has decided to play his "visit a recruit after winning the national title" card on 2010 recruit Harrison Barnes a 6-6 small forward from Ames, Iowa. According to, Barnes can play either SG or SF and is also an excellent student. In 1993, Dean Smith missed the welcome home celebration to visit Rasheed Wallace in Philadelphia. That move impressed Wallace and his mother helping to secure his commitment. Going to see a recruit as soon as possible after the title game makes a huge splash with the player in question. Roy is obviously high on Barnes and the fact he is one of Duke's top targets is another reason to try and secure his commitment.
  • UNC baseball lost on Friday night at FSU giving up two runs in the bottom of the ninth after leading 2-1 since the 7th. The Heels will look to rebound and take the last two games. UNC is currently ranked #2 in the nation.