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Odds And Ends: NFL Draft Edition

Choices: Sit around and watch ESPN talking heads drone on and on about draft picks or go outside where it will be 80 something degrees and sunny in Raleigh.

  • UNC prolific return man Brandon Tate apparently tested positive for marijuana use during the NFL draft combine which means Tate, if anything, is incredibly stupid.  Of course it did not hurt Calvin Johnson and I doubt it hurts Flordia's Percy Harvin who also tested postive. Anyway, Tate is an idiot for jeopardizing his draft status unless he wants to argue it was medicinal for his knee injury.
  • Hakeem Nicks is the only possible 1st round pick UNC has in the draft this season.  Nicks played exceptionally well late in the season and did everything a player should to raise his draft stock.  ACC Now points to the New York Giants as a possible destination for Nicks who gives a large amount of credit to The Coach Who Shall Not Be Named for taking a gamble on a kid who had not started in high school until his senior season.  Of course that high school happened to be Charlotte Independence who won most of the state titles handed out during the past decade.
  • The John Wall Watch is taking an operational pause while Wall parties in visits Miami this weekend. Seriously, there is no way Miami is a serious candidate for Wall so what other reasons could he possibly have for burning one of his five officials visits than a little R&R in Coral Gables? For the record I used only one of my official visits, that to UNCG which had something to do with UNCG being the only school that recruited me.
  • And if folks though Brandon Jennings skipping college for Europe might force the NBA's hand on the age limit, how about a high school junior skipping his senior season and college to play in Europe? That is what San Diego native Jeremy Tyler has opted to do and in the process left Rick Pitino holding the bag. I figure all it takes is a few more of these and the NBA will make a move to allow high schoolers back into the draft but hopefully adopt a two year minimum if they do opt for college. Then again, as long as the NBA can draft these kids in two years and they are good enough, it is entirely possible The League decides to screw the NCAA by leaving the current system in place.  That will make Sonny Vaccaro very happy I am sure.