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Quotable Danny Green

From the welcome home celebration:

"We did it. We did it baby. But the way we did it though...You see how we did it?"

Classic. What I did not know until watching the celebration was that Green was injured versus Villanova and almost did not play in the title game save some excellent work by the training staff. The fact no one knew about it and it was not evident in his plays is fairly amazing.

Here at THF, Green will be missed for many things from his play on the court to his penchant for the great soundbite. His leadership during the 0-2 start was remarkable and crucial at a crossroads in the season. Most of all I will miss tossing out "Danny Freaking Green" on the liveblogs whenever he hit a big shot. Hopefully we can find someone else but Marcus Freaking Ginyard does not look or sound promising as a nickname.

Consider this an open thread for your Friday.