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The Obligatory "Ty Lawson Went To A Casino" Post

I guess when you are hot, you are hot.

Ty Lawson decided to take advantage of the 1:30 AM curfew after the Heels arrived in Detroit and won $250 shooting craps at a local casino. Not a bad haul but given that he is shooting 63% from three over the past three games, it is obvious he has a hot hand.

Of course the mistake Lawson made was talking about it with the media which made his fun evening a matter of public debate. On one hand Lawson is 21 and going to a casino is perfectly legal. At the same time this and a host of other legal things players do with their free time(such as jumping off a fraternity house balcony into a pool with a recently reconstructed knee) is probably best left out of the public spotlight. The reason being is because people will make Mt. McKinley out of an ant hill.

Adam Gold in 850 the Buzz said "it doesn't look good" and I am sure folks at the NCAA are a queasy over it. The Luantic Fringe of ABC Nation will have a field day with it. In fact I fully expect some NC State fan to say "if his had been a NCSU player, the NCAA would etc, etc, etc." You also have the Lunatic Fringe of Tar Heel Nation who will blame this if UNC loses. Whatever. As long as he is focused in now and does not pull a Michael Jordan this has zero bearing on Saturday night. Also, it's not like Roy Williams wasn't talking about doing the exact same thing in Memphis. For all we know Roy and Lawson were shooting craps together.