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THF Tournament Pick'em

Congratulations to dj_joek for winning the THF Tournament Pick'em. dj_joek edged keithunc by one point and if keithunc is looking for a scapegoat I would go with FSU's wetting of the proverbial bed. A FSU win versus Wisconsin would have resulted in a two point swing in favor of keithunc. So you are asking what great prize does dj_joek receive for his bracket genius? Well not much. Bragging rights I guess. This is really a low budget operation here. Here are the final standings:

1. Tar Heels rule dook drools 165 points
2. keithunc 164 points
3. esheel 149 points
4. C.Michael 148 points
5. Buddha's Bracket 146 points
6. Heels 6 St8 143 points
7. Detroit Heel 141 points
8. wilfone 140 points
9. Shouting NCU 140 points
10. Meh 140 points

37 THF 113

Not only did I finish 37th in this bracket but in the head-to-head with Tar Heel Wife, I also lost...again...and it was not even close.