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Wall: No Contact With Roy Since Final Four

Because I know you are all dying, dying for a John Wall update.

Via the N&O:

"I'm still at eight schools," Wall said. "There is no leader."

He has not heard from the University of North Carolina since he spoke with Tar Heels coach Roy Williams during the Final Four in Detroit, Wall added.

"I don't know where I stand with Carolina now," Wall said. "I spoke with them one time. I haven't talked to Coach Williams since."

If I may delve into some speculation here is what I think is happening.  Roy called Wall from Detroit to gauge his interest and at last put UNC into the game.  Recruits tend to be impressed when coaches take the time to call or visit them when they are busy.  That is why Roy and Dean before him visited recruits after winning the national title because the very act is seen as a signal that said recruit is important.  To a lesser extent, calling a recruit from the Final Four is seen the same way.  It is also implies: "Hey I am at the Final Four, if you play for me you can be here too." I could be reading too much into it but Roy called John Wall for the purpose of breaking the ice and doing so in the fashion he did it scores points.

Based on media reports, we know that the phone call itself was followed by UNC coaches talking to former Wall coaches in an effort to piece together his background.  This is to say that while Roy has not actively been in contact with Wall, he nor his staff have been idle in recruiting Wall.  You also have the fact there was no scholarship for Wall available until last Thursday at approximately 2:30 PM. Now that Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington have declared their intentions, Roy can make an official move where Wall is concerned.  The question is why he has not in the six days hence?

If I were a betting man, I would venture to say Roy is not going to offer.  There is some manner of rumor out there that says as much. As I stated previously, I would just as soon do without Wall.  Roy has proven he can win titles with kids who come in with zero baggage. If Roy has determined the best thing for the program is to keep doing what he has been doing I can live with that, even if Wall ends up in Durham.