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Yates Injures Thumb....Playing Frisbee?

Yes. Really.

North Carolina starting quarterback T.J. Yates has a sprained thumb on his throwing hand, and won't be able to toss a football for six weeks.

According to Kevin Best, UNC's director of football communications, Yates' finger will be in a splint for the time being.

The 6-foot-3 signal-caller suffered the injury while playing frisbee during a recent team picnic.

I guess that is like your humble blogger tearing the tendon in his middle finger playing basketball. Actually it is nothing like that and I am wondering what the heck Yates was doing to injure his thumb that severely. Were they playing with disc golf drivers instead of a standard frisbee? Good thing Yates did not do something like jump into a pool from the frat house balcony, that would probably break his leg.

In light of this I am going to agree with Deadspin: Put him in bubble wrap for the rest of the summer.