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ACC Recruiting Grades

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Via ESPN. UNC gets an A+. I bet Roy always got good grades in school.

A quick rundown of the incoming class:

There were plenty of departures from North Carolina's national championship team, but Tar Heels fans need not worry; there is help on the way. UNC's 2009 class has received plenty of hype, and it's all well deserved. Although the Tar Heels spent the entire recruiting cycle as our top-ranked class before getting bumped by Kentucky in our final rankings, this class has everything a coach could dream of: players with dominating size, advanced skill level and explosive athletic ability. These five players will help to continue the successful tradition of North Carolina basketball. Long and super-athletic big man John Henson (Tampa, Fla./Sickles) may have the most upside of any frontcourt player in the Class of 2009. He possesses the scoring abilities of a small forward at 6-10, though he does weigh in at less than 200 pounds. He can shoot the ball facing up and handle the ball with confidence when he attacks the basket. Henson is a willing and good passer. Because of his slight frame, it will take time for Henson to fully develop his body to hold post position effectively, but he has soft hands, good footwork and excellent length to score with his back to the basket. The NBA will come knocking in time if he does his part. David and Travis Wear (Santa Ana, Calif./Mater Dei) have great ball skills, work on defense and display a strong basketball IQ. They come from one of the strongest high school basketball programs in the country in Mater Dei. Both players also possess deceptive shooting range -- especially for 6-10 centers. Dexter Strickland (Elizabeth, N.J./St. Patrick) is an ultra-athletic scoring guard who could be needed to play some backup point guard next season. He excels in the open floor and is a great finisher on the break, as he goes hard to the hole with power and speed. Strickland needs to improve his long-range jumper and middle game to get defenses to play him on the perimeter. Speaking of shooting, that's exactly what Leslie McDonald will bring to Chapel Hill next season. This big guard can play anywhere on the perimeter with his size and savvy for the game.

Works for me.

The real surprise in conference recruiting has to be NC State which was given a B+. The Wolfpack made a late run to pickup some commits.  A couple of players will be projects initially but recently committed DeShawn Painter along with Richard Howell, Lorenzo Brown and Scott Wood give NCSU a solid core group and a foundation on which they can build.  I am not they will go to the NCAA Tournament in 2010 but assuming Sidney Lowe can figure out his substitution pattern the Pack will begin to show progress.

Duke's two man class of Ryan Kelly and Mason Plumlee was touted as an A- in this article which spent a copious number of words lauding the fact that Kelly and Plumlee could play facing the basket.  Excuse me, but the last I checked Duke was not lacking for big men who could play facing the basket or run the floor.  The major deficiency for Duke has been the lack of a traditional interior presence and when they have tried to convert these mobile big men into such a presence it has not worked(see Josh McRobert and Shavlik Randolph.) Based on the limited play I have seen from Mason Plumlee in a few all star games, he looks like he could be a traditional center.  It will be interesting to see if that is how he is used. In short, Duke is bringing in two very talented players but there will be questions in how they are utilized and developed once they arrive in Durham.  That has been as much a bugaboo as the perceived recruiting woes.

It should be noted that Georgia Tech will bring in the 2nd best recruiting class in the ACC, still be medicore, lost half the class to the NBA after one season and somehow Paul Hewitt will still keep his job.