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Clemson Losing Oglesby To Europe

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A formal announcement is expected Wednesday.

The source told that Oglesby is headed to either Italy or Spain, and that he's going to make "NBA money." The 6-foot-2 guard averaged 13.2 points for the Tigers last season. He is scheduled to leave Sunday for Europe.

Well, that sort of screws Clemson in terms of being on the inside track for a run at the ACC regular season. Of course the larger issue here is what happens if you get more players who are vitals cogs on a team(such as Danny Green) but are not ready for the NBA after their 2nd or 3rd season in college who make this jump? The crux of the problem for college teams is that European teams seem perfectly willing to throw money at a Terrence Oglesby, money he would likely never see in the United States. It is hard to turn down that kind of opportunity especially since you get to travel and see the world at the same time.

The nagging question for me is how much does a player who shoots threes with little or no regard for his distance from the basket or the game situation get paid in Europe?

Update: According to Jeff Goodman(no link) Oglesby has dual citizenship. His mother is from Norway so like Florida's Nick Calathes he is pursuing this for various reasons not just money. And to answer the question above: $500,000 is the going rate for a guy who never met a jumper just across halfcourt he did not like.