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Diamond Heels Open ACC Tournament

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The UNC baseball team will begin their tune-up for another College World Series run with their ACC Tournament opener versus Duke. The game will be at 8 PM at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. If you are so inclined, Tar Heel Blue has audio of the games streaming live on their website.

In other baseball news, Dustin Ackley who I am seriously considering calling Dustin Freaking Ackley because he is awesome like that, was named ACC Player of the Year. Ackley hit .405 and had 17 home runs. Ackley also became the fifth player to win both Freshman and Player of the Year honors in his career. The others? Brian Roberts, Jason Varitek, Mark Teixeira and Jamie D'Antona. In the case of those first three guys, they are all making serious money playing Major League Baseball which bodes well for Ackley heading into this year's draft.

Third baseman Kyle Seager and pitcher Alex White were name first team All-ACC along with Ackley. Pitchers Adam Warren and Brian Moran were named to the 2nd team.