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Giglio: Heels Defense Will Be Good

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At little football nugget for you from ACC Now:


With a healthy trio of Hakeem Nicks, Brandon Tate and T.J. Yates, UNC wins the Coastal in '08 (no really). Only Yates is available in '09 and he's already hurt, playing frisbee no less.

UNC's defense will be good and Butch Davis will find new talent at receiver, just not in the class of Nicks (a first-rounder) or Tate (who was a first-rounder before the knee injury).

The schedule is too easy not to win eight games, seven at worst, but the Heels are not good enough to surpass the Hokies.

Odds: 7-to-1

J.P Giglio has installed Virginia Tech as the Coastal Division favorite with Miami and Georgia Tech being given the best odds to take the Hokies down. The upside for UNC is they are dealing with uncertainty. Saying:

UNC needs to find some receivers

is better than saying

UNC has receivers and boy do they ever suck.

In other words, no one knows. The new crop of receivers which includes Joshua Adams and Dwight Jones might be surprisingly good and mitigate the loss of Hakeem Nicks, Brooks Foster and Brandon Tate. They could also be the worst thing since Joe Daily as the starting QB. At any rate, if TJ Yates can stay healthy, get production from the running backs as well as the new receivers with a good defense who knows what might happen.