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Green, Lawson and Ellington Are Still Growing

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I credit Jonas Sahratian who turned Tyler Hansbrough into a beast and apparently found a way to make Ty Lawson, Danny Green and Wayne Ellington taller from last year's draft camp to the one this season. Draft Express did a little comparison of draft camp measurements for the three Tar Heels since they were present last season:

Name 2008 Height 2009 Height 2008 Reach 2009 Reach
Ty Lawson 5'10.75 5'11.25 7'9.5 7'10.5
Danny Green 6'4.5 6'5.25 8'4.5 8'7
Wayne Ellington 6'3.75 6'4.25 8'5.5 8'4

I am not sure I want to know what went on that gave Danny Freakin' Green an extra 2.5 inches on his reach. Jonas probably left him hanging from the Smith Center rafters overnight or something. Then again maybe Wayne Ellington loaned Green some of his reach since he is actually 1.5 inches shorter in that department this season as opposed to last. At any rate I cannot wait to see what he does with Ed Davis or Tyler Zeller. Zeller might be 7-3 by the time he leaves Chapel Hill.