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Heels Open NCAA Regionals

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The quest for another CWS appearance begins. Here is the schedule via IC which has a full preview of the Chapel Hill Regional.

Game Schedule

Friday, May 29
Game 1 2 p.m. #2 Coastal vs #3 Kansas
Game 2 6 p.m. #1 UNC vs #4 Dartmouth

Saturday, May 30
Game 3 1 p.m. Loser G1 vs Loser G2
Game 4 5 p.m. Winner G1 vs Winner G2

Sunday, May 31
Game 5 1 p.m. Winner G3 vs Loser G4
Game 6 5 p.m. Winner G4 vs Winner G5

Monday, June 1
Game 7 6 p.m.
(if Game 5 Winner also wins Game 6)

UNC gets Ivy League champion Dartmouth to start. The Heels have been ranked #1 at point this season but came down the stretch a little rough. Still, any team that has Dustin Freaking Ackley in the lineup is going to be tough to beat.