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Heels Score High APR

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The UNC men's basketball team scored 989 on the NCAA's Academic Progress Rate which basically means not only are the Heels at the top of the mountain when it comes to winning but academically the players are getting the job done.

The men's basketball teams at Duke and North Carolina scored 989 on the APR. The three Triangle teams were the only men's basketball teams in the ACC to receive public recognition awards from the NCAA for their high APR scores.

North Carolina's honor comes a month after the Tar Heels won the NCAA title with a win over Michigan State in the national final in Detroit.

"It further shows for us that we're doing things the right way and that across the board we're pretty competitive in playing, and now this is just another measure that shows that we're doing the right things academically," said North Carolina sports information director Steve Kirschner.

Duke also scored a 989 and NC State posted a 995 which in the case of the latter the administration is undoubtedly very happy after all who really cares about winning as long as the money is flowing and the players are graduating. It was not all good news for the ACC. Georgia Tech lost two scholarships for having a poor APR. One has to wonder how much more Paul Hewitt can hang onto his job considering his team sucks and his players are not showing graduation progress.