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Herwitt: Top Ten Coaches; Roy At #4?

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What the....

This is potentially so stupid I should steer clear but I'm bored and we could use a little excitement here at THF.  Here are the top ten active coaches in college basketball from Fox Sports' Josh Herwitt.

1. Tom Izzo, Michigan St.
2. Rick Pitino, Lousiville
3. Mike Krzyzewski, Duke
4. Roy Williams, UNC
5. Jay Wright, Villanova
6. Bo Ryan, Wisconsin
7. Jamie Dixon, Pitt
8. Ben Howland, UCLA
9. Sean Miller, Arizona
10. Tony Bennett, Virginia

The tough part about lists like this is I have no idea what standard is being used.  Are we talking about full career or past X number of years? One standard that was applied is the fact a coach had to be clean of any major issues in their program which explains how John Calipari got left off.  That same standard was applied to Bill Self though I did not think Self had any major issues at Kansas besides one player not graduating high school and Self had no control over that.  Of course with Tom Izzo, it is the last ten years.  Witk Mike Krzyzewski the full career is considered which means this list is so subjective I have no clue of where to start in deconstructing it.  So I won't, mainly because it should be painfully clear that Roy Williams, right now, is the best coach in college basketball.  UNC is rolling, they have two titles in the past five seasons and no sign that it will slow down any.  Add to that, Roy's previous 15 years at Kansas which included four Final Fours and a team that won 37 games, the case for him over at least Izzo and Pitino is pretty solid.  Mike Krzyzewski's three national titles to Roy's two still gives him an edge in my opinion but again if we are doing a snapshot of the past 5-10 years, Roy should be #1 with a bullet.