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Katz: Heels Confident About 2010

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Of course Roy Williams is scared to death or so he says.

First of all, Andy Katz starts off with this bombshell:

If North Carolina is going to get back to the White House in 2010, not just to the Final Four, it will likely come down to the play of three players.

Larry Drew II.

Ed Davis.

Marcus Ginyard.

Gee, ya think? My three year old daughter could have probably told you that.  Anyway, the rest of the article centers on those three.  With Larry Drew it is all about the turnovers baby and the fact Roy Williams' decision to let John Wall be was a pretty frickin' "hey Larry, don't screw up."

"It means they have confidence in me and faith in me, and I feel I owe them a big-time performance next year," said Drew as he exited the White House after he and his national championship teammates visited with the President and some of North Carolina's congressional delegation. "I know what I can do and I know why I came here. I'm totally confident in myself, and all I've got to do is show everybody else."

The expectations for Drew were consistent from the staff to the returning teammates to the most important departed player, Lawson, who is staying in the NBA draft after finishing his junior season with a stellar NCAA tournament.

"I just think he's good, and I think he's a quarterback first," said Williams of Drew. "I think he tries to get people the ball, and he's going to be fine defensively. He can do a lot better job on how important he takes care of the ball because he's following a guy who's probably the best I've had doing that. Larry has got to be able to push it at a fast pace and still not turn it over."

It is also important to note that Roy recognizes that Drew is not the same PG as Ty Lawson.  Drew is a pass first, facilitate the offense kind of PG and not a "take the game over" PG like Lawson ended up being.  Speaking of Lawson, the future NBA Draft pick nailed it on the head by saying Drew getting some more playing time will only make him more confident and better.

Marcus Ginyard being injured in 2009 may end up being the break of the season for 2010. If the Heels had not won the title in 2009, Ginyard being out would have been a major frustration.  However the Heels did win it without Ginyard so not only did UNC get the prize but the bonus of Ginyard returning to lead a young but talented team.

"Let's put it this way, if I didn't have Marcus on the perimeter, I'd be scared to death -- and you can put that in capital letters … SCARED TO DEATH," Williams said. "He can play the 2, that's his natural position, and he can play the 3 and he can play the 1 in a pinch for us, and he's been there and he's been in involved in big games and tough practices. He can get those guys to understand what's going on."

The question is whether Ginyard can have a breakout season on offense much like David Noel did in the same role that lifts this team.

One more thing, here is Deon Thompson auditioning for the role of Danny Green as Mr Brutally Honest With the Media:

Thompson said Davis made a "smart decision," because he can refine his game before the NBA. But managing the minutes will be Williams' toughest task.

"It's going to be interesting to see," Thompson said. "It's going to be a tough task for Coach to handle, but if anyone was going to do it I'd rather it be Coach Williams -- although it's going to be interesting to see how he does that."

Dude...I think Roy will be fine.