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People Like Roy

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Even Duke and NC State fans.

Public Policy Polling surveyed basketball fans in North Carolina and found that Roy Williams enjoys a 61% favorable rating and only 9% unfavorable. PPP included Roy in a poll gauging support for US Senator Richard Burr and Democratic candidate for Senate Kenneth Lewis.

The full results can be found here. What I am not sure about is why Roy is only pulling a 76% favorable rating among UNC fans. Duke fans are giving 68% so you would think Tar Heel fans would at least be in the 80-90% range. I do know some UNC fans have an issue with Roy's temprament or they are annoyed by the Ol' Roy personality. That being said, the results have been so good I thought that would trump even the gravest of dislikes over the man's penchant for getting chippy with the fans.

The crosstabs are very interesting since they breakdown a lot of different demographics. Roy has a 67% favorable rating among men, 56% among women. Among African-Americans it is 71% versus 59% among whites and 53% among others. The age group that likes Roy the best is the 30-45 group who come in at 68%. The other age demos: 18-29: 54%, 46-65: 59%, 65+: 61%.

In the end, this is probably not that shocking. UNC just won a title and opinion of him will be high. What I would love to see if how Mike Krzyzewski rates out.