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Site Upgrade

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Some minor points of housekeeping.

I upgraded the Wordpress software that runs THF this past Friday night. I was somewhere in the neighborhood of at least one if not two major revisions behind but since we were smack in the middle of a title run there was no way in heck I was going to upset the apple cart and risk breaking the blog so I waited and it went smoothly. The upgrade probably does not mean much to you the reader though you likely noticed some minor changes to the font or noticed your User Profile page looks different.

Another minor change is with the avatars. I did change to a new plugin that apparently is not showing up in IE 6.0 but does on IE 7 and Firefox which should cover most everyone who visits THF. You will need to upload your avatar again and that can be done from your profile page.

I will be changing the look and feel of THF in the near future. DeanForever will be providing a new header to go along with a new theme.

In the meantime, if you run across any issues let me know.