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Surprise! Memphis Accused Of Major Violations

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Well not really but if Kentucky fans are looking for a preview of possible things to come here it is.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal first reported the story on Wednesday after obtaining a letter detailing the allegations through the Freedom of Information Act.

The allegations include "knowing fraudulence or misconduct" on an SAT exam by a player on the 2007-08 team.

The wording of the letter to Memphis indicates that the player in question only competed during the 2007-08 season and the 2008 NCAA tournament. The player's name was redacted in the letter due to privacy laws.

Sources told Wednesday night that Derrick Rose was the player in question. He only played one year for Memphis before being selected No. 1 in the 2008 draft by the Chicago Bulls.

You could really go any number of directions with this from "hey this is what happens with the stupid age limit" to "every program John Calipari runs ends up in trouble." Granted Calipari is not named in the report which is Big Blue's spin at the moment but if something happens once it's a fluke or random. If it happens twice you are looking at a pattern that usually involved one common factor. In both the case of UMass and Memphis have been left wading through the NCAA enforcement division following Calipari's tenure. In the case of UMass it cost them their Final Four appearance. The same thing could happen with Memphis.

Exit question: Since we have a clear pattern of Calipari leaving programs with NCAA troubles can we expect the folks in Indianapolis to cast an ever vigilant eye towards Lexington?