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Two Rule Changes In Basketball Recommended

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Ah the annual tinkering with the rules.

The NCAA is considering two rule changes(H/T: Fifth Corner) for approval at the Playing Rules Oversight Panel meeting on June 3rd.  The first has to do with which player may shoot FTs in case of an injury.

In the proposal of substituting for a free throw shooter who has been injured, the opposing coach would choose the player to attempt the free throws from the four remaining players on the court.

It is not outside the realm of possibility that a minor injury to a bad FT shooter might get milked to put a better one at the line.  Under this rule, the opposing coach would get to send say Ed Davis to shoot FTs for an injured Marcus Ginyard which would be a fairly big dropoff. The rule makes sense on one level then in some respect it seems sort of wrong.  I cannot place my finger on it but it just does not seem right.

The second rule will draw far more scrutiny:

The recommendation on play under the basket won't call for a restricted-area arc painted in the lane as the NBA has, but it prohibits a secondary defender from establishing position in the area from the front of the rim to the front of the backboard. A defender must establish position outside that area to draw a charge or player-control foul.

So let me translate that: We are not going to paint a restricted-area arc but by rule put one in that requires the referee to not only watch the feet of the defender to see if he is establish position but also figure out if he is between the front of the rim and the backboard.

Yeah, not a chance we will see any blown calls on that one.  Seriously, just put the freaking arc in. That way the referee can look at the defender's feet and see if he is in front of the line or not instead of having to make a judgment call on it. The referee should be watching the players feet anyway, with this rule he would have to worry about whether the feet are moving and also note the defender's position in relation to the restricted area. For some reason the NCAA will do everything in its power not to look like the NBA or NFL.  That is the only reason I can phathom for not putting the arc in.  Either that or Mike Krzyzewski lobbied hard against it knowing it would hurt the way his team plays defense.  Speaking of Duke players trying to play defense in and around the basket, it has been awhile since this has made an appearance at THF.