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YMCA Now On Wall's List Following Visit

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According to THF sources, #1 prep basketball player John Wall visited the Central YMCA on Hillsborough St in Raleigh on Sunday and is now listing it as one of the options he would consider in his interminably long recruitment. Wall arrived at the Central YMCA some time after 1 PM, took a tour of the facilities and spoke briefly with the manager on duty. According to witnesses he then changed clothes in the locker room and took the court where he proceeded to decimate a group of 45 year old, slightly overweight men who were playing a pick up game there. Afterward, Wall showered, purchased a bottle of Gatorade from the vending machine and left at around 4 PM.

Sources close to the Central YMCA indicated Wall was very impressed with the workers there and feels he could really hone his game schooling has beens and wannabes on a daily basis. The director of the Central YMCA was unwilling to comment on Wall's visit when asked whether Wall would actually be working at the YMCA or simply joining to play basketball there. Individuals close to the Duke basketball team stated that Mike Krzyzweski was in a fit of rage after learning the Central YMCA in Raleigh was now competing for the services of Wall and said he would "kick the Y's #%&" before heading off to the editing studio to produce another marketing video.

According to Wall, a narrowed down list of choices for his post high school life would be made available on Monday.

Yes it's a parody.