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ASU 12 UNC 5

Well that did not go well at all.

And it started out so promising too with a 4-0 lead. Then the pitching fell apart in ways that, quite frankly, should never be discussed again. Ever.

Needless to say when you look up the word "snakebit" in the dictionary you will see a picture of Brian Moran pitching at the College World Series. I feel bad for Moran, especially since all the damage done to him was by the same ASU batter, Kyle Calhoun who tagged him for a three run homer on Sunday and a grand slam in this one to erase a 4-0 lead and set the stage for what happened next.

The offense was not much better. Dustin Ackley went quietly into that good night with a paltry 1-5 showing and a run scored. Kyler Seager, Garrett Gord and Mark Fluery were a combined 4-14 to go along with Ackley's one hit performance.

Given what the Heels lose this probably marks the last CWS appearance for the next couple of years. Mike Fox will need to rebuild his roster which hopefully will include some guys who can hold it together in Omaha should the Heels get back there in the future. All that aside, it has been a remarkable four year run and since we are talking about baseball, which is so fickle, even random in nature it is difficult to be too hard on these guys. Two 2nd place finishes and being there two other times in four years is quality work no matter what.

And should the ABCers among you give you any flack be sure to ask them which sports have they been in national title contention in this past year. For UNC it has been a banner sports year in that regard.

Or just tell them to "kiss the ring."