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Graves Will Return

At least that is the headline at ACC Now which is a tad incorrect since the quote given in the post from Roy Williams indicated that Will Graves still has conditions to meet. A more accurate headline would be "Roy Assumes Graves Will Return"

He said Graves hasn’t been "re-instated," per se, because the suspension was only for the remainder of last season.

"He’s got some conditions he’s got to take care of, and if he takes care of those conditions, he’ll be on our team Oct. 16 or 15th, whatever that Friday is,’’ Williams said. ‘"… I’m under the assumption that he’s going to do what he was asked to do, and he’ll be out there on Oct. 15."

Williams said the player made "great grades" during both of his first-session summer school courses. "He’s down in the weight room right now, and he’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to do."

Of course it sounds like Graves is probably not being held to a standard any different than any other Tar Heel. If Ed Davis was not doing well in the classroom and not doing what was sked of him there is a good chance he would not see the court when practice begins. Then again Graves is coming off a suspension for which the light of day has yet to be shed on the reasoning. While I have no idea what that reason might be, I do know it was egregious enough that Roy had no qualms about further weakening his bench in the middle of a title run to make a point. As a result Graves is on some sort of probation until he meets the requirements set forth by the coaches. Which is a good thing both in terms of the way Roy is running the program and the fact Graves, at present, is the only verified three point shooter UNC has outside of Marcus Ginyard. Having him is kind of a big deal.

Update: Roy Williams full press conference from today can be found here.