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The NBA Draft Combine Measurements

Draft Express has the full measurements from the draft combine which is intriguing and I suppose worth talking about.

The biggest surprise? Wayne Ellington has a higher max vertical than Gerald three inches. Surprising because if you watched Duke play this season you were convinced by the media in general that Henderson was the 2nd coming of Grant Hill. As I stated at one point during the season, there were plenty of signs that Ellington may have been the better player. Now we know he can actually jump higher too.

Also surprising was that Danny Green's max vertical is listed as 33 inches. Greg Paulus, upon hearing that, was heard exclaiming: "BS!" I might be inclined to agree considering this:


I don't know...that looks higher than 33 inches to me. Incidentally, Ty Lawson's vertical is 36 inches and Tyler Hansbrough's was 34 inches, one inch less than Blake Griffin though Griffin was a full five inches higher in the no step vertical mesurement. The 3/4 court sprint also yielded some interesting numbers. Lawson ran it in 3.12 seconds which was actually slightly slower than the top time by FSU's Toney Douglas at 3.03. Hansbrough was one hundredeth of a second faster than Griffin and Stephen Curry. It also turns out Maryland Greivis Vasquez is slow by comparison clocking a 3.48.

Hansbrough will end up benefiting greatly from this process, especially since he was measured at 6'9.25" after years of folks believe he was only 6'7". Without his shoes he was a 1.25 inches shorter. The benefit for Hansbrough comes in the fact that his physical numbers are very close to Blake Griffin's dispeling some concerns that Hansbrough was perhaps did not possess the necessary attributes to compete in the NBA in terms of his height/reach/veritcal. Much of what we see here addresses those concerns. For the other three Heels, this probably does nothing to help or hurt them.