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Hansbrough Impresses At Combine

To the surprise(and chagrin) of many no doubt:

Tyler Hansbrough is clearly a man on a mission. Every time he touches the ball, the entire gym knows, as he takes out all of his frustrations on the rim. He's in great shape, jumping better than many of his counterparts, and also measuring out taller than most people expect him to, coming up with almost identical figures to that of Blake Griffin. You can sense that executives in the gym are starting to warm up to him more and more.

This explains why Draft Express has moved Hansbrough to as high as #20 in their mock draft. It also may have some bearing on the recent article in which Hansbrough stated that he was not going to do many individual team workouts.

"I'm not going to work out for a lot of teams," Hansbrough asserted Thursday at the NBA combine. "Maybe eight. I did this (college basketball) for four years. They should know I can play."

Apparently this is an unusual tact for a player in Hansbrough's position to take. However, what more is Hansbrough going to show these teams that they did not see in four years of being one of the most decorated players in ACC history? I also do not understand why a player not projected in the lottery would work out for teams who are not going to pick him in the first round. Why would Hansbrough bother with the Clippers when the Clippers are going to draft Blake Griffin. It sounds to me like Hansbrough would rather not jump through a bunch of worthless hoops when he has four years of game tape these NBA GMs can watch.

It would be nice to see Hansbrough surprise some folks, especially those intepid ABCers whose main criticism of Hansbrough was: "But he will suck in the NBA!"

Maybe, maybe not. Until then kiss the ring baby!