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Hansbrough Up; Lawson And Ellington Down

Via Draft Express:

•Q Score Up: Players who are being mentioned more and more in a positive light by NBA teams we speak to: B.J. Mullens, Tyler Hansbrough, Rodrigue Beaubois, Josh Heytvelt, Jack McClinton, Jeff Pendergraph, Omri Casspi

•Q Score Down: Players who are being mentioned more and more in a negative light by NBA teams we speak to: Earl Clark, Terrence Williams, Ty Lawson, Eric Maynor, Damion James, Tyler Smith, Wayne Ellington

The general consensus in the THF community is there is no ryhme or reason to how NBA execs view players. What is puzzling to me is that both Lawson and Ellington are being projected in essentially the same spot as they were a year ago. The last I checked both were much improved over the same point last season but apparently not enough to move their stock. Ironically in all of this, the one player, Tyler Hansbrough, who everyone said would be mid to late 20s in the draft and there was nothing he could do to change that is looking like a possible top 20 pick.

I find it all very confusing, mainly because the draft is geared more towards "upside" and "potential" than it is the body of work. This is one of reasons(among many) the age limit was put in place. With high school players the possibility of making bad draft decisions using upside as the primary criteria was seemingly higher than it is now when these players get a year of college to audition.

Hopefully, Lawson and Ellington can make an impression in the individual workouts. It would be a shame to see these guys not reap some reward from making the decision to return for one more season. Exit question: Anyone on board with a rule change that permits a player to test the waters more than once?