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Hansbrough Will Be In The Green Room

The NBA will soon be releasing their list of green room invitees for Thursday night's draft. Gene Hansbrough has already told ACC Now, his son has been invited and plans to attend.

Possible sign of being a lottery pick? Could be.

"He was planning to go up there either way, but when he got the call and invitation, he was pretty happy,’’ his father, Gene Hansbrough, said this morning.

Hansbrough, a four-time All-America, is expected to be picked somewhere in the teens of the first round. He planned to work out with the New Jersey Nets – who have the 11th overall pick – again on Tuesday.

"He could go as high as 11, and I don’t see him getting past Utah at 20,’’ NBA draft analyst Chris Monter said.

It is expected Ty Lawson will be there as well along with Davidson's Stephen Curry. Also in the room will be Duke's Gerald Henderson who hopes the door will be on his right because if he has to go left he might not make it on stage.